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As a senior in the year of 2015-2016, and being in ACLC since the 7th grade, I have acquired many skills and abilities, that I believe will be useful to utilize, and will be able to accommodate the needs of many.


Personal qualities I have achieved through the years are a fair amount. This includes the trait of open-mindedness. There are no dumb ideas to me. Maybe one might believe that an idea is stupid, however, they just have to think deeper, evaluate, and investigate. Not being open-minded can lead to believing only in certain things, and only picking and choosing what you want to be right. Therefore, it is also essential to be unprejudiced and nonjudgemental.


Another quality I have received through the years is listening skills. I’ve always believed to learn, although it is great to communicate with your peers and whatnot, is to carefully listen and pay attention to each detail, or else an idea might be missed, and we won’t be able to learn everything completely. Listening is essential; hearing is a key part of learning.


The work habits that I have is to simply just do the work. Doing the work and doing bad is completely different from not doing it at all. Through the years, the battle with laziness has always been a fierce one. However, I did my very best to overcome it, and majority of the time, I did just that. When it comes to attitude, I have always maintained a positive thinking. Remaining optimistic and enthusiastic allowed me to persevere through a large quantity of obstacles, despite them being immense tribulations at times.


Some new basics I have gathered throughout the years include the ability to conversate. Even right now, my communication skills and ability to convey what was on my mind still is rather lacking. However, I have vastly improved from when I was younger. I am now able to elaborate more when conversing, and not just allow it to be an awkward silence.


My reasoning skills, throughout my life, have always been very rational. I do my best to remain logical throughout many issues in life, for relying on emotions and anger and whatnot cannot solve problems. Therefore, you must think carefully and gather evidence, in order to create reasoning for that. Without proofs and confirmations, nothing is reliable.


I always do my best to contribute with all my capability, and always do my best to do my part. Without contributing, your peers might be let down, and you can potentially fail them. That is why I must provide what is necessary to help my partners.


Technological skills are very necessary in this technological era. Nowadays, technology is not only utilized for entertainment and browsing, but also for learning! That is why it is even imperative to at least have basic technological skills. It is not completely necessary to be able to repair a computer and whatnot, unless what you are majoring in is related to that field, however basic knowledge is very helpful.


Throughout the years of ACLC, I have truly developed into a person with much greater characteristics and traits. I believe this allows me to meet, and possibly exceed the AUSD/ACLC Graduate Profile standards, and I believe I will be able to utilize these in life proficiently and efficiently.











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